How to Move axis, pan the draw



I’ve just installed Sketchup, I will try to draw my new Kitchen
My fist step was to draw a rectangle in the workpane then to set dimension (my rectangle becomes very small)
Then I save the file, close and open it back
Now after 15 minutes of try and errors, I give-up

  • I do not find how to pan the pane to get my rectangle in the middle
  • No idea how to move the Axis
  • No way to change the measurement
  • No help available

I see some demo on Youtube but my version (16.0.19912) seems quite different
Is it because I’m using a Trial version ?
Or because I’m working on Windows and not Apple ?

I’m a newbie in 3d design but Years ago I used to work a little with Turbocad and it seems to me that it was much more easy
Hopfully I still have the night to discover what is really possible !


and after your 15 minutes of hell we are meant to leap out and tell you what to do!
Try spending some time learning something for a change rather than expecting it to be done for you.
Once you’ve spent a few minutes actually learning, ask a question and you’ll get very good answers.


Before you start trying to draw a kitchen, spend some time learning how to use the program. Start with the basic videos available here.


Thank you

But I’ve found another one (better for me)
Let’s all learn to design a kitchen in Sketchup


I’m happy to see you got what you needed, I can mark you down as threads I don’t need to read.


It 'll probably be a disaster for you to try to follow the instructions in this video. Way too difficult to start with.

Start with simple edges and rectangles and start reading the help info on how to create/alter them to exact dimensions. You really need to start at the beginning and ask specific questions as you go.

Otherwise it would be like learning how to drive (first lesson) on the the fast lane in rush hour blindfolded.

And don’t say that there’s no help available. Lots of experienced forum members competing here in being the first to answer questions.



Be aware that the kitchen design video you have selected to learn from uses a 3rd party extension. Infact, the video was created to demonstrate the extension. To get a good foundation of SketchUp, it is best that, along with all the specialized videos you might find, you also look at the videos @DaveR pointed to