I have a 2020 Pro classic license. I have only the activation code in my emails

I bought a 2020 Pro classic license and had it installed on an imac. I have only the activation code in my emails. I need help retrieving the serial number needed in order to login. It was never sent to me through email. I am trying to set up Sketchup Pro 2022 on a new PC I got. Any help is appreciated.


well if you have sketchup 2020 you’ll find it difficult to install sketchup 2022

@colin might have the missing info for your 2020

Your classic license for 2020 won’t work for SketchUp 2022 or anything later than 2020.

Did you try looking up your classic license on the SketchUp website?

I can’t find any details about your licenses using the email address that you use in the forum.

If you click on my avatar you can send me a message. Let me know what email address you may have used in the past.