I formatted my computer, appears: license uses in too many devices

I formatted my computer and now the message appears: license uses in too many devices.
My Sketchup is from 2020, and when connecting to my Trimble profile, it doesn’t even appear in my products so I can try to disconnect the “devices”

You have two 2020 classic licenses. Those won’t show up in your Trimble account, that’s only for showing subscriptions.

Both of your licenses have been activated on three computers. If the computer you formatted was previously running 2020, it should still work after formatting the drive. It would only seem to be a different computer if you changed the motherboard.

Can you track down any of the the six computers you activated 2020 on? If any of them are no longer needing to use SketchUp, you could remove the license from inside SketchUp 2020, and that would free up the activation to use on a new computer.