I design kitchens


Just a thought…the island counter seems way to large for the space. Clearance for the Oven to open being one concern and people being able to move through the restricted space the other.

Maybe rotate the island cabinets 90˚ (in plan view) which would then free up space to move around and access the oven and other drawers. or reduce the 1800 length of the Island itself.

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It’s a good hobby to have. Maybe you can develop this into a job.

I agree that the island seems a bit large for the space. Not much clearance to get into the cabinets.

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I agree with the below comments. No worries though, everyone starts somewhere :)! Your own passion and motivation will likely determine your success in this if you wanted to make a job out of it. However you’re already successful if you’re having fun! As corny as that sounds haha. Thanks for sharing!