What do you think of this villa I drew?

I have only made it in 2D so far, but what do you think of the floorplan?

Why have such a tiny kitchen in such a huge space.

You think it’s tiny? In what way? I think it’s big. :slight_smile:

Ok. If you think so. Size is always hard to determine when you have added no dimensions, but relative to other rooms it looks tiny, it is smaller than the laundry and only about 1/6 the size of the garage. If you can fit 12 cars in the garage then the kitchen is huge. but…

Maybe it’s easier to see in 3D.

If only there was some 3d software available to help us understand your floorplan.


As I said in the first post “I have only made it in 2D so far”. I am curious what people think of the floor plan before I draw the whole house. The 2D plan is made in SketchUp though.

I agree that the kitchen looks a bit small in comparison with the rest of the floorplan.

Ok. You know there are cabinets to the right also, right?

Oh, if the cabinets extend the length of the kitchen, then it’s a good size. It’s just difficult to visualize the size of the kitchen looking at this drawing. At first, it appears the rectangle above the word “kitchen” is some sort of barrier. Now that I look at it more closely, I can see it’s probably an island.

Yep, it’s a kitchen island. :grinning:

Seems like a good start! Not that I’m much of an interpreter of 2D architectural drawings, apparently!

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On the side, you got Oven, Dishwasher, Fridge and Freezer all lined up? The ergonomics seem a little strange. Same with open jacuzzi, unless your relax room is a tiled room meant for moisture, which is then odd to pass through that to get to the bedroom. Powder room near kitchen can be tweaked so that the toilet is in the corner and not centered so that you can have a room-width vanity. And another design that irks me is the 5-door study.

I think he kitchen has “the kitchen tiangle”?

The relax room is like a bathroom exept it dosen’t look like one. It will have tile floor.

I could flip the toilet door on the other side so it doesn’t feel so close to the kitchen, but I felt it was far away enough, or what do you say?

What does “room-width vanity” mean? English is not my native language.

To the right of the toilet there is an elevator, but I could choose to eliminate it, but I guess I won’t.

The four doors to the study is in glass so it feels open to the livingroom and it’s view, but you can have only one or two open, you can select which. The extra door I’m not sure if I should keep, but I thought it could feel good some how…

Room-width, I mean have the sink area be as wide as the room.
I can’t tell what your kitchen triangle is because I’m not sure what R vs F is.
As for the study, why not sliding doors instead?

I think french doors would look nice for the study, but the door from the entrance to the study might be unnecessary.

The R and F is there to the right.
I’m not so fond of sliding doors, it’s not as natural and easy to close, and I find doors more beautiful. :slightly_smiling:
You are right about the door to the study from the hallway, I think I will skip it.

When I’m designing houses I always start with 3D and never with 2D.

I started with 3D, but then I didn’t. I have redrawn this house like 100 times. But it’s faster to draw a 2D drawing. But in 3D you see how the exterior looks of course. But I have a some what feeling of how it will look.

Why have the elevator access through the garage on the first floor? Seems awkward to me.

And in the laundry room why is your washer and dryer separate? Natural flow of work in laundry room is to move clothes from the washer to the dryer. Why not have them next to each other?