I can't see the terrain in 3D, please help. I'm using SketchUp 2018


I can’t see the terrain in 3D, please help. I’m using SketchUp 2018. I used Add location, but can’t see the topography


What is the location? Latitude and longitude? There are some areas for which terrain data is unavailable; especially at high latitudes.


Have you turned on the topography layer?


I tested a little bit of Bolivia. It’s not exactly mountainous, at least the part I tried.


La Paz city, Bolivia


I grabbed a spot that clearly has some elevated terrain and it works fine. I haven’t found that spot, yet but I’ll look some more.

I found the sports field in your image. Evidently Digital Globe doesn’t supply terrain data for the spot. Interestingly, there is terrain data for some of the area around La Paz.

@Barry, is this something that DG should be alerted to?


thank you for your quick response Dave, this is the spot, maybe I’m doing something wrong?
3d terrain.skp (750.0 KB)


No. It’s not something you’re doing wrong. Digital Globe isn’t supplying 3D terrain data for that area. I found some areas around La Paz that do have the data and others that don’t. I don’t know why they have gaps in the terrain data but if Digital Globe isn’t sending it, SketchUp won’t get it to display.


In my tests I had to go 400 km away from your area, then the terrain worked. Note that when it’s not going to work the terrain button is grayed out in the Location tool palette.


I was able to find terrain less than 10 Km from the sports field in his location.


Do you have any solution or suggestions in order to get the terrain of my spot?


You might look at the extensions linked in this post. I’m not sure what sort of data they will provide for your region but maybe one of them will help.

Alternatively, does the government have a GIS department? Maybe they have this sort of information available.


Thank you for your help Dave,

I regreat google isn’t the owner, the things were much easier then.

I hope TRIMBLE can grow its data base.


If Google were still the owner, SketchUp would most likely be dead like many other programs they killed when they ceased to meet their needs. Fortunately Trimble purchased SketchUp and has been putting the resources into developing it further.

It’s unfortunate that Google changed their terms regarding the use of their Maps API. It’s that change prohibiting use of the data their data the way SketchUp users used it, that forced Trimble to find another source for the data.

Unfortunately the data base you refer to is not Trimble’s. It belongs to Digital Globe.