I can't install SUp 2019 because of some error with windows installer

SketchUp 2019 can’t install on Windows 11 cause of some vendor issue like a picture
Please i try to solve with CMD or Regeditor or someelse that can solve this issue
but nothing work try to update windows and rresteart but the same error when install
i’m don’t understand when i have try to install 2022 or 2020 it’s can work but on 2019 it doesm’t work
Someone else help me pls cause i have an perpetual V-Ray Next and Classic license with 2019

Sounds to me that your installation package is damaged. Check the size. Download a fresh copy. (search this forum for a link to @SketchUp3D_de 's download website, he is the German SketchUp reseller who stores some older unsupported versions) There is, naturally, no guarantee that SU2019 will work under Windows 11, but I understand that others have been successful.

It installed ok for me. Which language of SketchUp are you installing?

I have installed on EN version but not work

Can you share a screenshot of the folder where the installer is with details (name, size and date)?

this is the screen shot

That looks ok!
Maybe Microsoft Defender is holding up (or virus-program)
Try going to Windows Security (type in windows search field at the bottom left) then Apps and browser control and uncheck ‘Blocking possible unwanted apps’ and the smart screen.

What if you check the “Unblock” box?
And yes, you do need the C++ Runtime.

I have try to check unlock on the propertie menu and still have an error. for C++ Runtime i can’t install cause of the error when installation

Maybe it is time to do a repair on the Windows installation.

How Could i will do to repair that, Could you can give me more information please?

From Google Search Results: Repair Windows 10