Error During Installation

I am trying to install the latest version of SketchUp Pro 2021 on a new PC and durring installation I get this error, or warning:

When I click on OK I still get the same window. But when I click on Cancel, I get this:

After I click on OK, I get this:

If I click on Yes and continue installing SketchUp, will it work normally, or I will face problems?

The new PC main spec is:

  • Ryzen 5 3600X
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • 500GB SSD M.2 for system
  • 500GB SSD SATA 3 for storage

I hit this today as well. In my case the system already had Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 installed, and SketchUp’s attempt to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 seemed to clash with that.

I got around the problem by going to the Add & Remove Programs control panel, and looking for what C++ libraries were installed. It showed two 2019 installs, so I uninstalled one of those, and then did Modify, Repair, on the other one. It reinstalled the libraries ok, and after that the SketchUp installer went well.

Many thanks, Colin … will try your suggestion and get back with the output.

No Microsoft Visual C++ library seems to be installed in the PC:

Any idea what is going on?

Also, any idea what will happen if I install SketchUp 2021 without the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable?

Neverminded … I managed to solve the problem with trail and error which included deleting any references to the 2019 C++ redistributable in the registry editor.

Anyone facing the same problem, I used this link to help me as a general guide:

Just for interest, you went to the old style control panel, and if I do that on my PC I see 46 apps listed. If I go to the area that I meant, where you type ‘add’ into the Windows 10 search box, that takes you to this control panel:

Although it ought to be the same function, I see 88 apps listed there. In my case I saw the C++ libraries in both the old control panel and the newer Windows 10 Apps & Features list, but maybe for you the C++ ones would have shown up in the longer list.

Anyway, glad you got it fixed.

Oh… Didn’t know that old and new control panels would show differently. Anyway thanks for your help, Colin :+1: