I can't edit textures



Hi, I’m trying to use the paint bucket and It doesn’t let me edit the textures. I have tryed to do a double click, or with the right buton of my mouse but it doesn’t work. Also I have tryed to reinstall the software but nothing.
Any help it would be greatful.




Apply the texture first. Afterward, go to Colors In Model area and edit the texture.



Use the eye dropper to select the texture you want to edit. Then at the top of the Colors window select the second icon.


Thanks mates!


The same error happened to me. I need to rescale and reposition the texture to fit my objects, only possible from the right click menu (as far as i know). The material editor in the Colour menu is very basic. Any ideas how to fix the right click Texture Edit?


I got it, no need to reply :slight_smile:


Ive noticed when you bring in a new texture the position option is absent a lot of the time when you right click to edit. A work around is to use the eye dropper and reselect the new texture. This brings back the option to scale and reposition.


Sounds good. Many thanks