I can't create a New project in Sefaira

I can’t create a New project in Sefaira and can’t add “Space Use”

Hi @karimrau,

Can you login to apps.sefaira.com >> open one of the Demo projects that comes pre-loaded into your account >> click on the Space Use Tab >> Save any template that you have on there by giving it a new name.

Then Re-upload your model to Sefaira and see if you can create a project?

Thanks @Experimental_Yogi !! good advice!
Are you a new user or have you been using Sefaira for a while?
Can you see spaces uses in any of your other projects?

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I’ll test that, thanks, but the best thing would be to know why I have this problem

Yes, I am a new user

@karimrau I am not sure why you are experiencing this but I suspect you might have had access to Sefaira through EDU or a trial in the past?

For some reason, the default space use templates (i.e., Office, Residential, School, Retail, Lab etc) are not showing up in your account and therefore you are not able to move forward with creating a project without them. For that very reason you have to save a template to your account, as outlined earlier in this thread, so that you can at least create a project with that template and then create your own space use templates thereafter.