How many project to upload and calculate on Sefaira website

I have received a question from a customer.
Do you know that Sefaira in SketchUp Pro has a limit on how many projects can be uploaded to calculate on Sefaira’s website?
I can’t upload the project to calculate. I don’t know if it’s because it’s an NFR license or not.
Please kindly let me know to answer my customer.

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Patipharn Saptaksina

Should be unlimited, maybe it is failing because of the size and complexity, pinging a scale figure, @niraj.poudel

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Hi @beermullet1 , as Mike mentioned, this very well could be due to the complexity of the model. That being said, if your customer was receiving the analysis results in the Sefaira extension then there is no reason for it not to upload successfully in the web application.

A little more clarity on the steps that your customer followed (preferably with screenshots) would help us better understand and diagnose the issue.

this is an issue

Hi @beermullet1,

Can you confirm that you are able to login to the Sefaira extension in SketchUp? I am trying to identify how you are getting to the “you do not have access to Sefaira” page, whether it is through the model upload process or if you are trying to login to the web application directly. Any additional detail you can share will help me understand what might be going on a little better. Thanks.

There show the multiple account error, How i can fix this issue

It’s not a real error, one can have multiple accounts, like having more than one bankaccount.
You need to be sure that the used email address is having the right product access in that member section (where it now says ‘none’)

The NFR is the only plan or product that provides access to Sefaira, not any other.

Can you kindly advise me to Upload a Project on the website?

Edit your post ( little pencil icon) then drag the .skp file in the editing area.
File limit for this forum is around 15Mb.
If your .skp is larger, it’s probably to complicated for analysing.

researchhouse-1.skp (3.2 MB)

I have receive file from our customer

Could you have any advise

When using the Sefaira plugin in SketchUp 2022, I get this:

Then I hit the Upload button to upload in the Web App:

Does it fail when you try to upload from within SketchUp?