A technical error occurred while contacting the server (Sefaira Web)

i made a model at sketchup 2022 from scratch, tagged the surfaces with the Sefaira extension and it worked properly, i can made the analysis ok.

then i upload the model to the web and everything seams to be fine

and after 10 15 minutes software working

the process cut down and display an error “A technical error occurred while contacting the server”

this is the model i get the error:
sefaira prueba 6.skp (328.7 KB)

HI @acabrera Thanks for writing in. I tried uploading your project to the web application and I am getting the same error. Initially I thought that this was due to the web app remaining idle for a while but that wasn’t the case. The results aren’t coming back in the web application at all while the plugin displays the results fine. Let me check a few things and will get back to you.

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