Sefaira Web Space Use Blank


Sefaira Web App Space Use is Empty and unable to choose.
After uploading 3D model from local device to Web, the Space Use drop down is blank and unable to move forward to create a project.

Please advise what is this issue and how can I resolve it.

Is there any steps or any updates that i am missing?

Hi @henny,

Can you try the recommendation here - I can't create a New project in Sefaira - #8 by Experimental_Yogi and see if that solves the issue for you?

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Hi @Experimental_Yogi ,

I have tried the steps that you mentioned. However, i am still unable to create the project.

I need further help on this matter.

As i am the new user, i do not have any previous template.

How can i solve this issue please?

Hi @henny
We will look into this but would appreciate it if you could please submit a support ticket here:

Hello, Corney.

Thank you for the reply. I have submitted the request. My ticket no. ref is #10567075 .

Looking forward to the updates.

Thanks so much.

I’ve also submitted a ticket 10568526
This is happening to another user and after revoking/reassiging my own license - my own account.


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