I can't access Extension Warehouse (EW) and only EW. I can access anything else... 2 days trying to solve it. PLEASE, HELP!

I was finishing a web course a couple of days ago, then came the extensions part of it. So I tried to go to website, but it did’t work. I tried to open it from SketchUp desktop version, same results.
I’ve many hours trying to fix it, but nothig seems to work.
I can access 3DW, Sketchucation, and others without problems. And the web works fine on my mother’s laptop…

Can someone help me, please?

Are you using the free web version as your profile indicates? If so, the web versions have no provision to use extensions.

Which desktop version did you try using?

I was using 2019, but unnistalled it today to check if it was a bad installing thing.
I can install 2020, but the weird thing is that it’s not working on the website version. Not in Chrome, nor Edge, nor even Internet Explorer (desperate times…haha)

When you installed it, did you install it correctly? That is, did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator from the context menu.

If you do, make sure you install it correctly.

Why is that weird? As I already wrote, the web versions don’t have any implementation for extensions so there’s no reason to expect the Extension Warehouse to work with it let alone be accessible from the web versions.

The browser choice makes no difference.in this case.

Yeah, the installation was ok.
You’re not getting it. I mean i can’t access the website “http://extensions.sketchup.com/”. It has nothing to do with the SketchUp web version, which I know doesn’t support extensions.
All I get is this:

I think could be some settings of my laptop, but I can find out the reason.

Does that mean you right clicked on the downloaded installer and selected Run as administrator from the Context menu.

Apparently I wasn’t. Your profile says you are using the free web version not a desktop client version. This is the first time you’ve explicitly indicated you were trying to access the Extension Warehouse directly through your browser.

Try clearing your web caches and see if you get a different result. The Extension Warehouse opens for me in both Chrome and directly in SketchUp 2020 without a problem.

Since it works on your mother’s computer and not yours, you need to sort out what’s wrong with your computer.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.
But yeah, I did installed it with right click administrator mode.
And yeah, I know its working. It works on my smartphone too.
I also notice it’s something on my computer, as I mentioned under the image I posted. It’s not working neither on both my old and new laptops.

So, what I need to know are the correct settings, or the wrongs ones, so I can fix this.
If anybody knows something, please…
I read it could be the browser cache, or the DNS cahe, or DNS settings… and I tried everythig I could.
I’ve spent 2 days on it.
Thank you, DaveR, anyway.

Does any of this article help, especially #3:

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Do you have (anti) malware or virus detection installed?

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Hey, Colin. I found that page, and similars, and tried all those things, multiple times and combinations. That’s why I spent 2 days before opening this topic here. I don´t know what more to do.

Mike, I was using just Windows Defender antivirus and firewall. I tried installing Avast too, but it stays the same. I think it could be some firewall settings, but I already unable it all and nothing works.

Could you try your phone as a hotspot, to rule out router issues?

EW and 3DWH are based on the same server technology, it’s unusual for one to fail and not both.

I’ve tried that too. Before and now. No results.
Wow, so that’s even more strange. I suposed it was rare that 3DW was working fine and EW not…
Now, after trying a lot of things I founud online my error is this “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”, so I tried another ton of thing…Nothing.
Thanks for trying, anyway.

OK!!! Finally! It works! I was reading everything in “Services” and anything that I thought it could be related to network, DNS or security that could be wrong and that I could change.
So I stopped some services and restarted another ones. I just tried if there was some luck, cause I already decided to surrender, and BUM. Hahahaha
The bad thing it’s that I don’t know exactly what I did… I should’ve take notes, but as I said, I was ready to surrender, just tried one last time…
Well, I just wanted to thank you, tell not to worry about me anymore, hahahha, and tell how I did it, so it may help in the future.
Thank you all.

A good old cold reboot could also do the trick, I guess?

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