Reaching Extension Warehouse inside of SketchUp 2016?

Is Extension Warehouse2 working inside of SketchUp 2016? I’m thinking about updating a comercial extension of mine and make SketchUp 2017 the lowest supported version (use HtmlDialogs). However, if there are still paying customers who have bought it and use it in 2016 I don’t want them to accidentally “upgrade” to a version they can’t run, as there is no way to downgrade back to the previous version of the extension.

When I try accessing Extension Warehouse inside of SketchUp 2016 I just see a gray window, but I’d prefer to have it confirmed Extension Warehouse isn’t supposed to be functional in SketchUp 2016 before I rely on it.

This most likely comes under the same change that was in 3D Warehouse, where at some point the web code lost support for IE, that 2016 was using. EW2 is using 3DWH code now, so the same is probably true.

As with models, someone could download an extension with Edge or Chrome, and install it with Extension Manager.


Thanks, then I can feel quite safe dropping SketchUp 2016 support.

For payed extensions you can’t download and install the RBZ, only install in the embedded Extension Warehouse. (But I’d very much like the other to work too as that is how a lot of people use EW.)

Don’t forget that Mac users aren’t affected by the IE issues.


Good point!