Extension Warehouse not working (SU2016)

I am using sketchup for the first time in about a year. All of my extensions are missing. I started to reinstall them and the extension warehouse (within sketchup) is essentially blank. all I get is three symbols in the upper left hand corner, forward, backward, and home.

One of the plugins I want to use on my current sketch is bezier curve. I logged onto the extension warehouse without difficulty, but I want to get it within sketchup if possible.

I feel as though I missed a change in process. Can you offer any help?

I am using sketchup pro 2016 on my surface book with performance base. It shows that it is licenced. I have used sketchup extensively in the past.

Thank you

The Extension Warehouse and 3D Warehouse no longer support SketchUp 2016 or earlier. See this thread:

You can download the extension through your Internet browser and then install it using Window>Preferences>Extensions>Install Extension.