I cannot open some of my existing sketches

Feb14MotorHolder.skp (1.2 MB)

I will often get several popup windows with the message “Page unresponsive”. I always hit “WAIT”. Then sketchup stops downloading with the message: “There was a problem downloading this file. It may have been deleted from Trimble connect”.

I’m using Trimble Identity on an old Windows 8.1 laptop. I have the same problem using my new Windows 11 computer. I can, however download the file itself to my computer. Using the downloaded Sketchup Viewer, I can successfully open either the online file or the downloaded file.

I have dozens of sketches. I now have this problem on many of the sketches. Some large (>1 MB), older (2 years) files open OK. So far most smaller ones open OK as well. The file I uploaded was last edited Feb 17, 2023.

Any help would be appreciated. I would like to edit many of these sketches.
Best regards, Mark

Maybe in the case of this model it’s all the unused styles that you didn’t purge. Try the attached.
Screenshot - 3_3_2023 , 11_14_18 AM

Feb14MotorHolder purge.skp (528.7 KB)

B the way, you have a lot of exposed back faces that need correcting in your model.

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Great!. That one works fine. I assume I need to purge any file that has this problem. How do I purge a file that I cannot open?

As for the faces, I get that a lot due to some of the edits I make – sketchup gets confused and makes internal faces that I need to delete. But by then it has some others oriented wrong. It takes a while to find all the hidden faces (especially when they are on top of each other).

Without seeing others of your files I can imagine that they need to be purged, too. That seems to be an all too common problem with SketchUp files that are troublesome. Purging them without opening them isn’t possible, though.

Perhaps you need to be using a computer with a better graphics card or perhaps a different browser. I certainly wouldn’t be trying to do this on the old computer with Win 8.1.

If you are doing the modeling correctly you should have any exposed blue back faces. If you do get them you should fix them before moving ahead. Cleaning as you go is generally easier than going back to clean up the mess later. It also helps to prevent further problems.

I doubt its the graphics card, since I have the same problem on my month old Windows 11 computer. I’ll try downloading the model to it as well. Maybe it will open?

Can’t open it on my Windows 11 computer either. Since you were able to open and purge the file, is there a way I can do the same?

If they both have the graphics card listed in your profile, the graphics card could be the issue. At least go to the Intel site and make sure you have the latest drivers installed. Don’t trust Windows to tell you whether you do or not.

I opened it in SketchUp Pro. You could try that.

Your original file opens ok in Windows 11 for me, though I was using the desktop app and not the web browser app.

For the fixing the direction of the faces, you can right-click on one of the back faces you see, choose Reverse Faces, then right-click again and choose Orient Faces. In your model that seems to fix all of the faces.

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Not quite.

my windows 11 has Intel UHD driver. When I updated the driver using Device Manager, it said I had the most recent driver. Downloading the Intel device app now…restarted. As you said, it says an update is available…downloading it now…slowly…

I have to leave for an hour… will reply later with the results

Windows will tell you that even if it’s not really the latest. That’s why I said to just download and install the latest driver.

Slowly might be a clue. Perhaps your internet connection isn’t robust enough. Firewall maybe?

This is a bug in the web app. When I attempt to open the file Chrome throws this error

vendor.js:2 Could not load local resource from "resources/styles.zip"

And a more complete error report:

Chrome Debug Console Report.txt (3.3 KB)

MarkDeNies, Your workaround is to download a trial version of the Sketchup desktop app and use that to purge your models.

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OK, I’ll download the trial version. BTW, driver update had no effect.

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The trial version opens the sketch with no problems. I go to Window/model Info/statistics and press the “purge unused”. nothing seems to happen, but when I save it and re-open it in app.trimble.com/app, it now opens correctly. So, I’ll just go through all my designs and open and save them with Pro.

Thanks for the help – this solves the issue!

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Thanks colin. Because of the way I’ve been constructing this model, I get a lot of reversed faces. So, I use the technique you describe a lot (reverse face/orient faces). Typically, after orient faces, there are still some faces the wrong color(i.e. wrong orientation). That helps locate the ones I missed. So I iterate. Since this is a 3D print design, Prusa Slicer will help: it shows holes/missing layers near the errors.

You’re purging 600 or more Styles as @DaveR showed in is post above. Under Model Info > Statistics the count of Styles is the last entry at the bottom of the list.

Glad we got you working again.

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