I can`t find the interactive button on the Asset Editor (VRAY- Sketchup - Mac)

I can’t seem to find the interactive Rendering button in my Vray Asset Editor. I have downloaded it today so it is the newest version. Normally it works on MAC.

Where can I find it or install it?


The interactive render button is in the screenshot - the teapot with the play icon on it

Ok thanks! i was confused because it was a big screen. It is my first time Vray…

I have another question. How can i put the materials from de cosmos browser in the asset editor?

Hover over the material you wish to use and choose “import” - which will import it into your materials in both V-ray and SketchUp

You’ll need to click on the “materials” tab in the asset editor.
(The sphere with the chequered pattern icon in the top left)

So there is no way that i don’t have to open the extra tab?

Not really, the one you are using (“the standard material library is part of cosmos”) is now deprecated - close that one instead.

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