I can not open my files

I am unable to open my SketchUp files when my designer sends them to me. Help?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please add the version number to your forum profile.

What version of SketchUp is the designer using? What happens when you try to open the file? Share the file you can’t open.

Hello Dave… THANK YOU! I am using SketchUp Pro

Can I email you the file and send you a screen shot of what I’m getting? The front page of sketchup gives me no options to open any files.

Which version of SketchUp Pro?

You can upload the file here or if it’s larger than 16 Mb, upload it to DropBox or WeTransfer and share the link. You can drag and drop a screenshot into a reply here.

What does this mean?

I am not the designer. I am receiving SketchUpFiles .skp via email. Even if I have Sketch up open, I can not view or access the file.

I’m trying to help you. Why won’t you actually answer my questions and do what I ask?

I’m trying to tell you what is happening. Thanks anyway, I did not mean to annoy you. Have a great day!

You’re not annoying me but you also aren’t making it possible to give you any assistance. You haven’t answered my question about which version of SketchUp you have nor which version the designer is using. You haven’t told us or shown us what happens exactly when you try to open the file.

I do not even know how to find that information. We are using the same version but I do not know how to find that information for you. How can I show you what happens?

Can I send a picture or screenshot?
I am not very computer savvy as you can tell

In SketchUp click on Help>About SketchUp. It’ll tell you the version.

Yes. Make a screenshot and drag it into a reply here.




None of those show anything about the version of SketchUp you have. They are just screenshots of the SketchUp website. Do you actually have SketchUp Pro installed on your computer?

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Just open a new file on sketchup and take a screenshot of the entire screen.