I can not find TEXT - will this be added later?

I can not find TEXT. Will this be added in future additions?
It would be helpful for quick notes etc or is Trimble Connect the only option for notes while working on the WEB?

Text tools (including Text, 3D Text and Dimensions) are all missing at this time. It turns out there are some unique technical complexities in the management of fonts in web browsers, but we’re working on it.



I had a β€œmy.su on Chromebook - Text Feature?” Post all ready, glad I pulled the old head out and searched the topic first, HA!
Anyhoo, I REALLY need Text. And I need to be able to Push/Pull it, and rotate it, nkay?
Any progress/timeframe on this feature, since, your Post was 6 whole weeks ago. Got it about sorted?jk
TYTY! You SU guys/gals are Awesome! LOVING that I can do my beloved SU on my new Chromebook! TYTY! You have set it up SO nicely! It works amazingly smoothly on my Toshiba Chromebook 2-2014, new Toshiba Chromebook 2 3215U arriving tomorrow! (Charter high speed)