I bought 2024 Pro for my '23 Macbook Pro (M2). It's a NO GO at opening the program. "Device not Authorized"?

I only get this message " We are experiencing technical difficulties.
This device is not authorized. Please sign out and sign back in to continue or enter a classic license."

I’m new to SketchUp and have read problems with Pro 24 on MacBook Pro. Any suggestions? Do I need to buy a PC to run it?


I do not see any problems shown on the status page:

But it could be that the client login server had a hiccup.
Log out of SketchUp if you are logged in. Reboot. Restart SketchUp re-login.

NOTE: This is a user forum. If the above does not work, contact your local reseller or SketchUp support directly;

Signing out - quitting all open SketchUp and Layout applications from your dock.

Start it again.

That often clears it

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