I am having issues after I import a drawing from Dynascape

I cannot get the building lines to connect to create 3D house.
I cannot seem to find the proper plant components to import into my drawing, do I need to have Pro to do this?

It would help if you share the file you are importing so we can see what you are working with. what format is the file?

Where are you looking for plant components?

I presume since you are using SketchUp Free (web) that you are a hobbyist. I expect you should be able to do what you want with that version.

I imported the file from Dynascape so it is a .skp file. I followed the instructions from Dynascape for the import. I am completely new to this program so I do not know exactly where to look for the components I need. Do you have any suggestions? I am trying to figure out if this is the correct program before I buy it.

How about sharing the file so we can see what you are working with?

First place to look would be the 3D Warehouse.

Might make more sense to use the trial period for SketchUp Pro since the user interface and capabilities are different.

Here is the file. I have looked in 3D warehouse and the items are very limited. I was watching a video on how to do all of this and there was a whole library of plants that are listed in Dynascape but I do not know where it came from. I am actually using the 30 day trial of Pro.
SOUTHERLINGV1.3D.skp (463.2 KB)

Why did you put SketchUp Free (web) in your profile and why did you post in the SketchUp for Web category? That creates confusion.

Your file shows only a 2D drawing. Best process if you are going to start with that in SketchUp is to use it as a reference as you create the 3D objects in your model. If you import the file you have into SketchUp you can then trace it to create new geometry.

As for the plants in the 3D Warehouse how are you searching? I get over 1000 hits for ‘plant’ in both Products and Models. Refining the search would improve the returns.
Screenshot - 6_6_2022 , 1_53_13 PM

I apologize for the confusion. This is the way I was instructed to bring it into Sketchup. If I use the orbit tool it will look 3D. My issue is that the lines that I have designated for the house are not connected. When I created the drawing in Dynascape they were. I cannot figure out how to connect them so I can create the walls of the house and when I try to redraw them with the line tool they will not connect either. They stay as individual segments.

At least in the file you shared, there’s no third dimension.

Is it possible there’s a different file you should have uploaded?

I would select all of the edges and make a group. Then start tracing over it with the various drawing tools to create the shapes you need.

There are numerous places where edges don’t seem to be aligned correctly. That would come in with the import.

Here I’ve traced the footprint of what I assume is the house (there’s some confusing geometry in there) and extruded the resulting face upward with Push/Pull. Not the imported geometry is collected into a group so the new geometry doesn’t merge with it.

FWIW, you might find it useful to to go through the fundamentals at learn.sketchup.com to get an idea of how to work in SketchUp.

What tool did you use to trace the footprint?

I just used the Line tool and drew from corner to corner until I returned to the starting point and the face was created.

I dont know what im doing wrong but it will not work for me.

Did you group all of the existing geometry first?

I did. Then i went over the lines with the line tool and now they are all individual segments.

Did you get a face when you closed the loop of edges?

Save the file as it is in the current state and upload that.

No I did not.

Either you didn’t get the loop closed, the edges aren’t in the same plane or both.

SOUTHERLINGV1.3D.skp (457.2 KB)

You did not group the existing geometry.

I selected each segment and went to Make Group. A large yellow box showed up around the selection but it was all connected. What am I doing wrong? This is beyond frustrating.

I specifically told you to make a group of the entire collection of geometry, not a group of each segment.

I get it. You really should spend some time learning to use the tools properly.

Here I’ve selected all of the geometry and created a group. Trace over that and when you complete the loop of coplanar edges, you should get a face.
SOUTHERLINGV1.3D grouped.skp (187.6 KB)