I am disoriented in sketchup

when i move behind my project or at any angle i get disoriented and i don’t know what to do to return to the front of the project view, also it’s really hard to move around in general. i’m using the web version on mac os


Do you have a three-button mouse?

Use Shift-Z (zoom extents)

Why not start here at The learning Center. Great tutorials to get you familiar.

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You may have changed the axes. Right click on an axis to see if ‘Reset’ is available in the context menu. Solid blue should be up when orbiting.

SketchUp Training Series: Navigation

Default Axes - Geographic Direction in SketchUp
Default Axes Direction

Default Axes Coordinates

As a rookie user of sketchup, i get disoriented. When this occurs i just click on the magnafine glass with red arrows that in the axis toolbar. its brings me out of where ever i lost my mind and resets me to start again

hope that helps. ill post an image of my screen and my view when i click on the tool bar icon.

Save an “overview” scene to return to when needed.