How would you model this picture?

I don’t know where to start, I have pulled images off google earth but this is all I have to work with.
I usually work off architectural drawings, so this is somewhat a challenge for me. being that it also isn’t an easy traditional square/rectangle building.

have you used the match photo technique before. If the area has good google maps coverage you can also take measurements on google earth pro.

If you’ve made architectural models you should be able to get a pretty good idea of the shapes of this building. Break it down into simple forms. Find the overhead view in Google Earth so you can get an idea of the footprint of the building. You should be able to work out rough dimensions based on dimensions you know. The front door would be a good place to start. You could get reasonable dimensions for the roof lines by measuring in Google Earth.

Be careful with using Google’s imagery for Match Photo in your SketchUp model. Their terms of use prohibit that.

I have, I don’t think it would help me for this project as my center focus needs to be the glass canopy in the center of the building.

moving around on google maps you might be able to get some better angles for photo match

Maybe you’ll need to make a site visit and take your own photos.

Architecture Building From Reference our course on modeling existing buildings could provide some tips.

Take a tape measure and get actual field measurements so you have accurate dimensions. If it is for an actual project there should be no issues. Find out who the owner is and ask if they have a PDF or paper as0built drawings. does not cost to ask for these things and makes for a great starting point.

You should probably address that to the OP. I’m not going to go down to Boca Raton to take measurements. :wink:


One way I’ve gotten crude dimensions (at least for houses) is, if the tax assessor’s records are on line, just pull up the card and look at the measured plan. They only measure and report to the nearest whole foot, but it’s at least something to start, and then I’d apply and adjust using Match Photo. (Examples shown in this post and this post)

Looks about 10 big gulps tall by 40 wide