How Would You Cut this Expanded Metal

I drew the object in the attached file and made it a component. I downloaded the expanded metal object into my file. It, too, is a component. I want to ‘cut’ a portion of the expanded metal image and attach it to the underside of my drawing.

I cannot seem to edit the downloaded drawing even though I selected it and chose to Edit Component. Lines I draw don’t seem to create boundaries separating parts of it.

What do I need to know to do this? How would you do it?


EM Cut.skp (1.5 MB)

Is this what you’re trying to achieve?

Open your component for editing. Copy the bottom face of your component, close that component and even hide it if you wish. Open the EM component and use Edit>Paste in place to paste the copied face. Use Push/Pull to extrude it through the EM, Select the extruded geometry and the EM geometry in the vicinity of the extruded hexagon. Use Intersect Faces>With Selection, erase what you don’t want to keep.

And fix the reversed faces in your model.

Me and my reversed faces, eh?

Thanks for the guidance, Dave.

I have been successful in getting something very close to what I want, but I have not been able to intersect the faces. I cannot seem to get both the EM and the figure selected at the same time. For that reason, I think, the Intersect Faces option in the Edit Menu drop down is greyed out.

Apparently the EM is a group and not a component, if that makes any difference.

Any suggestions as to what I’m not doing right?

It doesn’t matter that the EM is a group instead of a component. Try following the instructions I already gave.