Drawing Expanded Metal

I’ve done it before by drawing lines for an excruciating period of time. I tried to use the replication feature within the Move Tool with not real success. I’m looking to learn from a master how expanded metal can be drawn with greater ease than the drudgery I met when last I drew EM.

I’m aware that various models of EM are available for download from 3D Warehouse. I’m looking to learn if there are any techniques that could be applied to drawing it that might take advantage of tools I’m unaware of or techniques I haven’t thought of.

Show an image of the sort of thing you’re after. Is there a reason you want to model it with geometry? It’ll bloat the heck out of your model. Generally a texture would be a better option.

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Part of my reason is to learn techniques or tools I haven’t discovered, but you are right, a texture would be ok for most uses.

Does such a texture exist? If not, can I create and save one?

You can likely find images online that would suit.

As for modeling it, basically you’d reduce it down to the smallest unit, model that, and then make linear arrays with Move/Copy.

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You need to check out the videos at this site The SketchUp YouTube Channel. Many techniques are covered plus a bunch of videos on the basics. Maybe start with the Square One Series.

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