How to visualize the segments of a divided line?

There is the very useful feature to divide a line into segments of an equal length.

After that there’s no visualization of that segments. The unmarked segmented line appears like an unsegmented one.

Is it possible to visualize all the segments?

The colors blue and black are - inside the same line - very hard to distinguish for our eyes.

How do you handle that?

Styles > Edit > Endpoints (check)

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… then update the style. (click the icon at top left)

You can change the color of selected objects in the style as well.
Use the last icon (Modeling Settings) on the right, on the Edit tab.
Mihai shows the first icon Edge settings subpanel active (above.)

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Good to know, that those changes are possible.

Because styling the endpoints takes effect not only in segmented lines but everywhere, that is not a style, which could be used permanently. That is to ugly.

To the color:
I have to think about a better color for selected lines carefully. That’s not an easy decision.

Is there someone among you, who uses an own set of colors for the three axis and selected lines?

It is important, that there’s no “color conflict” with other colors, which visualize the many functions in models.

You can change the accessibility options.

I have a shortcut set to toggle view edges by axis.

There doesn’t appear to be a menu item or shortcut available to toggle endpoints.

Is there a ruby/API method to add a menu item to toggle endpoints?

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Toggle Endpoints don’t know if it is up to date.


Seems to be working in 2020.

I’ve set a shortcut and can toggle endpoints on and off.


Thanks for the hint! That’s a very nice solution!

It is a pleasure to be in that forum. You are all so experienced and supporting! : )

And it is such a joy to learn SU. So much to discover.