How to best view Endpoints (Nodes)

After using the Divide Function upon a path. It would be nice to see where those points of division are.

What’s the best way to find these points, in a case like this?

I think it would be nice to have a ‘View Endpoints’ option available in the same fashion that the ‘View Hidden Geometry’ is. . . or perhaps the View Hidden Geometry options can be made adjustable to also include End Points with some sort of switch or button.

Use a Style that marks end-points ?

Absolutely Right, TIG!!

I completely forgot about being able to turn that on in a Style. I Prefer to not have them visible most of the time, and thus don’t use styles which show them.

It’s an easy edit to adjust, so Problem solved. Thanks for your clear thinking.

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Or simply turn on endpoint display in Styles > Edit > Edge settings. Set the value to 2 or 3 to get endpoints that are clearly visible but not overwhelming. This will work for endpoints created by “Divide,” but not for the endpoints along a curve, arc, or circle. To see those, you have to explode the curve, which could be unhandy if you want to treat it as a single object or want to access any of its special curvy attributes, which are destroyed in the explosion.

Or, you could install an extension that marks endpoints with guide points, such as the one created by the handsome fellow who responded so tersely above: AddVertex+ v1.4


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Yes, this is the path I did take, Gully… minus the part about adjusting the point size, which I should experiment with more.

I appreciate your comments about exploding curves. I knew that this was an option available, but so far I haven’t really understood what it’s main value is. Now I have one good reason for doing so, and I’m sure there are others as well.

Later this evening I’ll look into learning more about ‘Exploding Curves’, and the other option ‘Convert to Polygon’.

Both have a fairly prominent place in the right click menu… I’m sure there’s a good reason for that, which I should know about much better.

Thanks for your reply.

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