How to validate assembly of 2 parts


How can I confirm that 2 parts can be well assembled together?

This should be made of Acrylic and I don’t want any play once assembled (the split/crack wight is 3mm large, and every side is 3mm large as well. Not sure if this will make it or I should make the crack a little larger eg 3.5mm).


Depends on your tolerances. Do some research regarding the thickness tolerances of your chosen acrylic, your cutter precision and so on, add those to the 3mm and give it a try.

when making acrylic architectural models we allowed for ±0.01 mm sheet thickness variation…

best quality materials were used but, some would need sanding and others filling as thickness can vary on each sheet and/or same batch…

i.e. in your example the receptacle slot would be 3.01 mm…

a spot of tensol 12 or clear silicon held them together and filled any gaps…


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Thank you both for the answers.
I’m checking Ponoko and Sculpteo websites to see if there are any information about their Acrylic sheets.
Also, I’m not sure that they are able to cut the sheets with a precision of ±0.01. This is what I guet on Ponoko:

Will SketchUp be fine with sizes like 3.01mm? If I recall well, i thought seeing something like ~3.00mm in the measurement.

Set your Model Info > Units, to a higher level of unit reporting and the approximation “~” vanishes and you get the “real dimension” displayed…

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