How to use the maximum number of circle sides possible?



I extend the radius of the circle to fill in a 1x1m square and type 999s for 999 sides, assuming it would go down to the max possible. It goes down to 100 sides. Is 100 sides maximum for a .50 meter radius circle?


What is to be gained with 999 sides on a circle? That would create ridiculous file bloat for no good purpose. At that radius with 999 segments the edge segments would be too short.


It’s purely for my own enjoyment, usually I just use 100 sides or less. Don’t worry I just upped my radius.


Here’s a model with a 0.5 meter radius and 2000 sides: test_circle.skp (138.1 KB)


If that worked maybe it will then let you shrink it back down to .5 meters. I’ve had good luck with enlarging and shrinking to get around similar artificial limitations. I’d test it myself but the SketchUp computer is otherwise engaged at the moment.


Am I the only one that thinks that discussing circle’s sides is a paradox? Will sketchup ever use true curves?


Probably not. That would be a totally new application. I would love a NURBS-based SketchUp - none of the competition has the elegance of SU:s interface.


The problem is that the representation of surfaces as planar polygonal faces bounded by finite edges is so deeply engrained into the core design of SketchUp that adding true curves or curved surfaces such as NURBS would require starting over from the basic premises of the geometry engine. That seems very unlikely to happen…


This is both the problem and the magic of SketchUp :wink: The fact that it devolves everything into lines (edges) and planes (faces) gives it the ability to easily compute the intersections involved as well as easily passing the triangles to the video engine.

Towards the end of this post I make that clearer (I think):


Well, of course what you say is all true.

It was like a rhetorical question. Even so I feel the inability to draw true curves is probably the main SU draw back. All other major limitations are being handled as time goes by.


I have found its best to use a sensible, divisible number for this such as 196, 240 etc so that if ‘things’ join the circle the straight edges all combine easily and you can over zoom to perfect the fine detail. One day, you will find that you will make sub parts into components and then step/repeat and rotate them, wont work properly with 999 but would with 720! Remember, once you start extruding, clipping, joining circles etc, you can never change the number of sides in the entity info box!


I always use myltiples of 4 to have quadrants. I twnd to model things tgat boil at 90 degrees. 8 side circles are the ones I use the most.


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