How to make a detailed circle?


I don’t want to use the fake circle (polygons with many sides) that you load on the shapes section of the toolbox and use more detailed circles for my sketchup projects. How can you create detailed circles on sketchup?


Simple answer: you can’t.
Sketchup is a 3d surface modeler, not a 2d drawing application, so pretty much everything is in terms of triangles.
You can increase the number of lines/polygons in your circle, by typing in the number of sides, and a high number, say 360, is very detailed already, but you can’t reach infinite sides.


For actual circles in 2D you can use Layout or a free program such as Inkscape. In Sketcup though everything is made of straight edges. You can increase and decrease the number of segments on a SketchUp circle but the more you use the heavier the file will be, especially if you extrude a circle along another segmented curve.


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