How to use SketchUp Make 2015 after Pro Trial expires?


Hello @rapetet, I understand that sometimes there are misunderstandings that can cause frustration, but I am going to have to ask you to remember to follow our community guidelines. I know you may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But, remember to criticize ideas, not people.

We do allow options, as @DanRathbun mentioned, to “Skip the Pro Trial”, so you may use that as a work-around.


Unfortunately this is not mentioned on the main site. And to those people who have no programming skills whatsoever this does in fact make them think [unjustly so] that they have to purchase your product to make it work when in fact that they do not. A better way to look at it would be to have a check box in the actual installation allowing the end consumer to skip the installation of the trial when they install with a pop up with an “Are you sure you want to skip the pro trial?” confirmation box.


I am always in favor of being totally candid with potential customers. I myself have asked for things like this in the past. But, it seems, I am thinking like an engineer,… and the decisions are made by MBAs and marketeers who think differently than I.

I like this idea, and have seen it implemented for other software packages. I however disagree with the popup confirmation. A simple check box on the installation “start” panel is all that is necessary.

The SketchUp install used to have a check box back in the Google days, maybe to set the browser start page to Google ? Can’t remember… and we complained as it was a pain to always remember to uncheck it, so it was removed.

But the point is that the SketchUp staff has the knowledge.


Thanks for the suggestions @DanRathbun and @rapetet


I cannot find it quickly, but not so long time ago someone from the SketchUp team posted a workaround that would make Make to skip the trial - it was either a command-line switch or an edit to a license(or something) file.


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I already posted the link in the post above … and yes it was editing the .lic file, so it was a single line “##NoTrial” (without the quotes.)

@lisanne That ought to be a sticky post all to itself, entitled “How to Skip Pro trial mode in SketchUp Make” (or similar.)

Although I see a diffenrence. @bugra said,

Then put this exact line as the only thing in the file:
You can delete whatever might be in the file, replace it with this text and save the file.

Your edition says 1st line ?


Actually, first line is more technically accurate. SketchUp will look for this keyword in the first line only. But there will be no reason to keep anything else in the file if you are running Make. So I had simplified the steps a bit.


Sketchup is telling me I have no connection to the internet even though my connection is perfect. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the program to be sure no files were corrupted when installing. I am have the same issues, is this a common issue? It wont let me download from 3d warehouse or add a location to my model.


Which one of your adaptors was on when you installed SketchUp ? Which one are you using now ?


I have only used my wireless adapter thus far for my laptop.


Is the wired adaptor turned off, if so, turn it back on and try again.


Everything is on and working as it should be. I didnt have this problem
before I downloaded the new sketchup 15. Before this I had sketchup 8 and
the internet 3d warehouse worked perfectly.


SketchUp 15 uses a much different kind of licensing scheme than ol’ version 8.

Just for tickles…
See the instructions here:
Installing SketchUp:

Did you follow these instructions ?


When I said:

I meant to try installing again.

Anyway, in another thread, a team member posted a link to a good knowledgebase article, and other troubleshooting steps:


Solid tools are not allowed in the “free” Make version, making this tool totally useless for hobbyist/non-commercial 3D printing. They should remove it from all the lists on 3D printer sites where it is commonly under “free software”. I wasted my time with the trial version fixing models and adjusting to 3D print them, now I’m stuck. No way I’m paying after that trick! Off to another more honest product…


Do I have to destroy all my printed models which I have created with MAKE now?


Solid tools are a convenience but they are not required for making models for 3D printing. There was no trick played on you. It is clearly spell out in a number of places that the Solid Tools are a feature of the pro version and are not included in Make.

This flame finial was drawn in SketchUp without using any of the Solid Tools. It is solid and printable. I always make components solid when I’m modeling and rarely ever need use the Solid Tools even for very complex ones…


The most common action with a hobbyist 3D model customization is to join or cut holes in existing objects. For that we need solid tools!

For those who agree I suggest people go check-out TinkerCAD, it even has a direct Thingiverse link :wink:


There is nothing you can do using solid tools that you can not do using Intersect Faces With… followed by some cleanup in Make. The advantages of the Pro solid tools are one-button convenience and automation of the (sometimes tedious) cleanup.