How to use sketchup for shop drawing

it been long time since i used sketchup how do i get a simple retraining

Go to for free training
Also the official Sketchup YouTube channel is very informative. Look for the Square One series for beginners to start with…
You should also update your forum profile. There is no 2022 version of SketchUp Make…
That information helps us to help you…

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Shop drawings for what kind of projects?

is there a video on how sketchup works? not the tools. an example if i have model already make can i make a seperate page to make items then move them to my shop model?

making french cleats for each tool.

You can’t make a separate page in SketchUp but you can create scenes to show different parts of the model. Then, in LayOut you use those scene to create shop drawings.

So, a woodworking project.

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If you want to work with SketchUp you have to use the tools it provides…
When you want retraining on a specific subject you could have told us in your opening post. That would make it easyer on us to give you the correct advice…

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I made French cleats for my shop so I’m excited to see you model them.

After following along with some of the training videos shared above, you might want to post a .skp file of your attempts at modelling with any problems you run into. Then others can offer suggestions.

Good luck.