How to Use LayOut for SketchUp Pro (tutorial updated for 2022)

We published a video tutorial that covers the 7 critical things you need to know before getting started with SketchUp and LayOut. Watching the video will help you avoid the mistakes that often trip people up when getting started. And, by the end, you’ll understand how SketchUp and LayOut can be used together to create construction documents and design presentations.

Inside the video we cover:

  1. How LayOut and SketchUp Work Together
  2. Creating Scenes Before Viewports
  3. Getting the Right Camera Views
  4. Giving Each Active Section Cut Its Own Scene
  5. Using Tags the Right Way
  6. Controlling Line Weights Via Styles
  7. Drawing Some 2D Symbols in SketchUp

Plus the power of naming your Groups and Components. You can watch the video here:

Then be sure to let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks!