Watch this before you get started with LayOut

There are 7 common mistakes that can trip you up when you’re getting started with LayOut for SketchUp Pro, and all of them have to do with things you need to do in SketchUp first (before you jump into LayOut).

If you’re new to LayOut or have struggled trying to learn it, we created a video to help you avoid the frustration caused by those mistakes and get you headed down the right path and on your way to creating design presentations and construction documents with LayOut for SketchUp Pro. It’s called Watch This Before You Get Started with LayOut for SketchUp Pro.

Inside the video, we cover:

  • Why your Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections need to be turned into Scenes in SketchUp before you get to LayOut
  • Ideas for setting up and managing Section Cuts
  • Strategies for using Layers in SketchUp to help you in LayOut later
  • How to combine SketchUp Styles, LayOut Line Scale and Stacked Viewports to manage your drawing’s line weights
  • Why it’s a better idea to draw some of your 2D symbols in SketchUp rather than LayOut

You can watch the new video on our YouTube channel here:

When you get a chance, watch the video and then be sure to let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks!