How to use follow me tool and divide moulding into individual strips

I am using follow me to turn a 2d shape into moulding. It works, however, how do I turn the moulding into individual pieces along each length instead of one continuous shape?

It will depend a bit on how you have your model set up. The fastest way to get a specific answer is to upload the model in question so we can see what you have. You can intersect the corners with a cutting plane set at 45˚ from the inside or outside corner (or odd angles for other types of corners). One easy way is to copy the whole set of moulding, then erase everything except one piece (make 45˚ lines in the top face so you preserve the sections you want) then “paste in place” the moulding component all over again and cut out some other pieces.



There are a couple of plugins that can speed up doing it manually.
Tig’s Split Sausage to put the edges in on any faces that need them.
(even better if the path is a full circle because you can use split donut on all in one go.)
Anton’s Fix 101 to finish the ends in one go making all the groups solids. That is the context menu item off screen in the gif.
Sausage and 101

There are other options that don’t involve follow me, one I can think of would be Profile builder, I believe will make each a group if you ask it.


TIGs splitting extensions look nice, but no current version of it, I cant get it installed and working on 2021.

There is no reason it shouldn’t work, my gif is 2021.