How to upload a copy of a model to the 3D warehouse

I have created a model of a table, uploaded it to the 3D warehouse, and next I wanted to create a model of a smaller table and upload that to the 3D warehouse as well.

So I copied the first model, changed the dimensions and tried to upload it. But the only option I get is to update the existing model (so the first table will be overwritten). I first copied it using “duplicate” in the Home menu, and later I tried “Save as”, but both options didn’t have the desired result.

The only way I can come up with to create this smaller table is to start over with an entirely new model, but I can’t imagine that would be the case.

So how can one create a duplicate of a model, make changes to it, and upload it as a new model to the 3D Warehouse?

Each model that has been uploaded and shared has an ID for the Warehouse. Each action that involves the 3D Warehouse will link the current file or component to that original.
One cannot unring a bell, the only way to upload a ‘version’ of an existing model is to upload a completely new one.

(It’s much easier to just open a tab in the browser and start the new model process by clicking on the + sign)

It is also connected to the author.
You can change that in [menu] Model Info > Credits and upload it as one of your own, but the original ID of the author would still be in that model.

It’s what you would do to save your model under a different name. Look how the model name at the top left on yourSketchUp Free screen changes.
Once saved as … you can continue modeling, make changes to your tabel (which is going to be the new smaller table). Then upload that model to 3D Warehouse when being logged in.

Working in SketchUp for Web, I copied my model, opened a new session, and pasted the model. Made the desired changes, saved it with a new name and then uploaded it to the 3DWH as a new file.

If what Wo3Dan suggests doesn’t work, another option would be to copy the table, New, paste (or paste in place). So long as you stay in the same browser tab you can copy and paste geometry into another model.