Updating a model


Scenario: SU crashed and recovered my model. I saved the recovered file over the saved one. When I go to upload it again, it wants to generate a new model rather than update my existing one.

If I do this, then all the likes, comments and links to collections will refer to the old version, not the new & improved one.

Any solution?


through SU - Similarly if I “Save As” or save to a different location, I can’t upload the variant on top of the original model.


how about down loading the original then copy paste the changes.

The file has a hidden attribute which warehouse sees to determine an update, the file on your computer has a changed attribute, By downloading the original, deleting its contents, then pasting the contents of the approved file, I believe the attribute will be preserved and you would be able to update the original


Correct tip by @pcmoor. In addition, we’re working on something to make this easier. In SketchUp, note that when you upload to 3dwarehouse, after uploading, your file says it needs to be saved. That’s because we’ve given it a 3dwarehouse ID. If you crash, or don’t save before closing, or do Save As, you may lose this.


You can now update a model via the web browser. Go to your model page, hit edit, and you should see an option to upload a new file.