How to update styles automaticly?

How can i update all scenes styles?
I’ve around 50 scenes, but aren’t with the correct style. I wanna to use the “Shaded with textures”. How can i do this?

Edit the style in the Styles panel to show Shaded with Textures and update the style. Any scene using it will show the updated style.

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Test first in a separate file to learn.

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But sometimes i create in differents styles.

Amazing, i’ts possitble to turn this funcion into a ruby script?

So? If you want all of your scenes to use the same style do that in the first place. Or update them as @mihai.s shows. Or delete the styles you don’t want.

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the mihai.s way worked. I trust that u have said the same thing, sowwy.
Thanks you all. :grin:

Yes. I did.