How to unregister a computer you no longer own?

While this is an old topic, I came across it today as I had the same exact issue. I did a little bit of digging around in my Trimble Account after reading these posts and discovered that Trimble had created a workaround for this issue. I have outlined this workaround below.

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click on the tile, labeled, “My Products.”
  3. On the product, you intend to de-register click, “View Included Applications.”
  4. This will expand the product tile to show all of the included applications. On the specific application tile, click, “Manage Devices.”
  5. A pop-up will appear and prompt you to confirm deauthorization click, “Deauthorize All.”

To @DanRathbun ('s) point this is probably in some manual somewhere, but let’s be honest, some of us are not wired to stop and read those manuals before jumping into the software, and that’s why we come to the community!

Thank you to all the other contributors!

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This option was not available 3 years ago when the last post was made.

The other point is sometimes computers fatally crash and you do not get the opportunity to uninstall software

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Yes the account portal was created after this topic thread (I think at the same time that SketchUp was given a plugin for Trimble Connect.)

Also, after this topic discussion, the online User Guides got an overhaul, and the Licensing and Account information was separated out (of the SketchUp manual) into it’s own manual …

Who’s link also was made to appear of the top of the “Help With…” User Guide List:

… so the “somewhere” really is not hard to find.

Well okay, … let’s be honest, many people never even try to go and find the information (as you did,) and come here and rely upon others to look it up for them, or to have done so in the past and remember.

With regard to the OP’s original problem, it has has been solved. But many users still don’t know that they should remove licenses from an old machine, and then have problems even finding out about the account portal.

The Help menu in SketchUp has a “Help Center” link on it that should be one of the first things a user bookmarks in their browser. It leads to …

… which also is not so hard to remember, or find with a simple Google search.

On this page, the link to Licensing, Accounts and Administration is prominently displayed.

When members come to the forum and ask for an answer that is already been prepared for them, we often just post a link to the help page rather than type out the instructions again.

A good reason for this is that licensing has changed over the years, and much of what was once true that is posted in the forums, is now no longer true. (There may even be some 3 year old advice in this topic above, that is no longer exactly true. The situation has changed, we now have subscriptions, the account portal, etc. etc.)

The Adobe example, and what you described, are both for subscription products. The old discussion was about a license that uses a serial number, that was the only choice then, subscription versions of SketchUp weren’t around yet. The nice thing about how it works with subscriptions is that if your currently signed in computers do die, you can fix the problem on your own, and not have to wait for me to help fix it

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