How to turn off see through in SketchUp Free

I am using SketchUp Free and generally getting used to it.

Somehow, all the components of my model have become see through with dotted lines for the other components that can be seen on the other side. In SK Make I would have checked all the view settings, but as far as I can tell Free doesn’t have any.

How do I turn this function off?

Any help gratefully received.

Kind regards



Hit keyboard k, it is the toggle for back edges.


I also am seeing this new feature in SU free. Was there an update to the web version of SU last night? It wasn’t doing it yesterday.

dang…box is right…toggle off the back edges. I didn’t know free had shortcut keys. Odd that it was showing on a fresh start up.

It does, but your browser can have shortcut keys that conflict with it. Gets frustrating when you’re in the habit of using certain shortcuts.

Yep that works!

Many thanks for your help.

I am happy again!

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