How To Turn Off Profiles?

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I’m trying to record an animation of one of my models. Every time I start the animation the View/Edge Styles/Profiles feature automatically comes on. Profiles screws up some of the components in my scene, including the face of the main character. Turning Profiles off is easy, except that it automatically comes on pretty much every time I do anything, including start an animation.

I’m in SketchUp Make. Is there perhaps some trick, extension, magic potion, voodoo hex, or UFO intervention which will turn Profiles OFF until I choose to turn it on??

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It sounds to me as if you aren’t updating the style after turning them off.

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Given that I didn’t know what styles were until you said that, your theory seems reasonable. :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip.

I tried creating a 2nd style, editing it to taste, and making it the selected style. Can’t get that to work. As soon as I start the animation it immediately jumps back to the default style. So I killed the 2nd style and edited the default style, and that works.

So I have more to learn about styles, but I’ve solved the problem for now, and thank you for that.

How in the world did you turn off Profiles if you hadn’t found Styles?

What did you do to make it the “selected style”? Since the style is one of the scene properties, you would need to update the affected scenes if you select a different style. And of course you need to update the style if you’ve edited it. If you have edit the style but not updated it, you should be getting a warning alerting you to that when you create a new scene or update an existing scene.

View/Edge Styles/Profiles. A Trimble staff guy aimed me there earlier. I knew how to turn Profiles off, just not how to keep them off.

Ah, this is useful, thanks. So if I have 13 scenes in my animation I’d need to update each scene after selecting a different style?

When you select a style you’re selecting it for a particular scene and not the entire file? I thought I was setting the style for the entire file. No?

That part I’ve got. And I did read the manual page on this a couple times. Still a tad confused, just need to study this a bit more.

Styles dictate the way SketchUp presents your model on the screen. There are lots of different display parameters that can be individually adjusted via the edit function in the styles window, the sum of those choices is saved as a particular style. Some style choices also have a menu shortcut under view, like the one you found for profiles.

Scenes are a collection of a number of saved parameters, including camera position, hidden objects, tags, section planes, and more, also including style. When you make a scene it is recorded with whatever style is active at the time you make the scene. If you adjust or change the display style, then click back into a previously recorded scene the style will change back, along with camera position and the rest to reflect the way the scene was originally recorded. To change the style of a recorded scene the simple method is to click into that scene, then change the style, then right click on that scenes tab and choose update, the scene is re-recorded with the new currently displayed style.

Yes, sometimes one has 13 scenes or many more that share a style, and it is tedious to update every scene, one would not do this. In this case you would alter the qualities of the style itself and then update that style under the same name, so that every scene that references it changes at once. This is done through the styles window, via the edit function. After editing you MUST click on the circular arrow in the style thumbnail icon to update that style (re-save it essentially) to keep the changes you have made.

(What aspects are saved in a given scene is actually adjustable as well, and there are more sophisticated ways of managing scenes and styles but this is an overview so we will start here. Scenes, like SketchUp, are simple on the surface but really quite complex and powerful)


Great post @endlessfix! Many thanks. I’ve saved this in to my tutorials and notes archive for future reference. Thanks again to DaveR as well. This really helps, appreciate it guys.

It doesn’t have to be an onerous task. Select all 13 scenes that need to be updated in the Scenes panel, click on Update and then in Properties to update deselect all except Styles and Fog.

Here is the process after selecting a different style. I only changed the style for some of the scenes but it could just as easily have been all the scenes.

And here, editing the style to create a new one and then updating some of the scenes to show that style.

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