Animation and rendering


Hi all,
When creating an animation the “Edge Style - Edge & profile” remain on for the rendering. is there a way to turn these off? I turn them off in the scene set but when i go to view the animation they automatically set them selves on leaving the render not as fine or as detailed…
Any suggestions?

All the best



Yes. Update the style after you’ve turned off the edges and profiles. Just click on the large thumbnail with the circular arrows after modifying the style.


Cheers Dave , just tried this but it still won’t stay… it just returns to profile and edge on…


Try updating one of the scenes after turning off the edges and profiles. Do you get a warning indicating that the style has been changed and needs attention?

Perhaps you could share the SKP file?


great, i switched on the warning for style changes and when i updated as you suggested, this time it warned me with options … Thank you !!!


Glad that helped. A lot of people seem to turn that warning off without understanding the consequence and then have problems like you ran into. It’s a good idea to leave that warning enabled and to make the right choice when creating or updating scenes.