How to turn off "Blink" sound?


Anyone know how to turn “blink” sound off when pop up window appear.

For example, when using mirror > got annoying sound when plug in ask to delete original

or some time happen to Double cut plug in when I try to move components.

This behavior is so annoying.

Thank you very much.

That is most likely a windows setting under themes/sounds.

Thank you, from your advise, I think I can fix it.
This is Windows issue not SketchUp.

Natively SketchUp doesn’t have any sounds but s ome extensions add one. The old Housebuilder extension does that, for example. Assuming that it is an extension you installed that does it, you could find it and either disable it or you might be able to edit the code to remove the sound. You would be looking for UI.beep in the script. Change it to #UI.beep and you shouldn’t get the sound anymore. Of course you’ll need to close and reopen SketchUp to get the change to take effect.


You could try Curic Mirror to see if it plays a sound.

I got the impression it was more than one plugin, I think mirror was just an example, hence my suggestion that it was windows based.

My own Mirror tool has always beeped to tell you of any user error, or prompt you with a Yes|No dialog to delete the original selection… both of these messages need a user-action, so a beep draws attention to the situation…
As @DaveR says, you can edit its RB code-file, found inside its Data subfolder, to read #UI.beep [occurs twice]. That disables the beep when SketchUp next opens…
This edit will break its ‘signing’ - but provided you have Extensions Loading Policy set to Unrestricted it’ll be OK…


It might be the case.

The old Housebuilder extensions adds the beep which, when loaded, causes a beep on right click even if you aren’t actually using Housebuilder. I have it installed but set not to load normally because of that blasted tone. I only load it when someone asks a question about using it.

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It seems warning messages (those with just an OK button) always dings but questions (e.g. yes/no) don’t.

Yes, it is your classic Mirror. It is still work very well. I already set have keyboard shortcut for it :slight_smile:
Now I can turn off sound by go to Windows sound setting.

It is great to know @DaveR trick to edit RB code. I might try it later.

You are right. Mirror is only one sample.

Most annoying is “Double Cut” from Mind Sight. If I move component that have Double Cut inside, I always keep hearing warning message, so I end up disable it and just never use it.
After I learn how to remove sound today I may back to try it again.