Sketchup adjusts my windows sound volume

When i switch between another program on windows and sketchup the volume of my laptop changes.

For example i’m playing a youtube video on my second screen, I set the volume there and when i switch to sketchup to draw and scroll or sometimes just activate the window the volume goes up.

I never had this problem, I has been like this for about 2 weeks i would say.

Anyone have an idea what would cause this? I don’t have it with any other program

This sounds like something implemented at operative system level, not something SketchUp itself would do. SketchUp itself doesn’t use any sounds. Could also be some stupid driver that hijacks the mouse wheel or modifier keys for global volume control.

I think that when you adjust the volume with the small slider in YouTube, that affects only the current YouTube session, not your system volume in general.

I checked the slider on youtube doesn’t change when the volume goes higher. very strange.

Why is only that the volume goes up or down only when i use sketchup no other programs?
I’m playing youtube and switch between fusion 360 or pdf reader its does not effect the volume. And for example fusion also uses scrolling.

I have no idea,…

You’re using the free web version as your profile indicates? If so, which browser?

No my apologies. I have pro 2019 version

How about correcting and completing your profile. (what version of Windows? What graphics card, etc. That information is useful to us when you ask for help.

As for the volume thing did you install SketchUp correctly? That is, did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as adminsitrator?

How long ago did you install SketchUp 2019? What happened on your computer to make this change?

Win64 pro, sketchup pro 2019, thinkpad p51 laptop with M2200 gpu and xeon cpu
No big changes were made when the problem occured, maybe an update in the background?

But i checken and did not find any during that time.

Yes, windows was installed with ‘run as administrator’

Is the system sound volume changing /icon in the right of the taskbar) when switching window?

No, I just checked, for example: My volume is on level 12, i switch from browser to sketchup and the volume gets higher I can hear it but the level is still on 12. When i switch back to the browser it gets lower again.

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