How to turn my laser cut file from autocad to sketchup

Good morning,

Does anyone know what would be the best way to use my laser cut file I made on autocad (to send to the laser cutter company) and to be able to make it a 3D without having to draw it again on sketchup please?

Thank you very much in advnace for your help!

you will have to redraw a bit. not that much. it’s just a question of taking the imported lines and making faces out of it

  • import the dwg or dxf in sketchup. when importing make sure the scale is right and all. You’ll get a component containing lines, only lines.
  • either enter the component or explode it, delete what’s not needed if there is any.
  • here two choices. Either you redraw an existing contour line, and SU will automatically fill the adjacent faces. or you use a free extension like Eneroth Face creator. Select all your lines, use the extension, it’ll make faces wherever it can.

once you have faces, you can pushpull and all.

here are the steps in image, just lines, I redraw one of the line, bam, faces. With eneroth’s extension it would be even faster since it would fill all the available faces around.

Thank you very much!