How to transfer geometry from one component to another

I’m building a very basic box to hold a vintage sewing machine.

I have drawn two long sides (component) and two short sides (component). On the end of the long component I have drawn a notch. I want to overlay the short side with the long side so that the notch lines on the long component are transferred to the short side. My understanding is that the resulting lines on the short side can be used to create a perfect fitting protrusion. I just can’t make it work.

Singer 127 base single finger joint.skp (85.4 KB)

Is this what you’re after, Terry?

I put the end of the box in place where it should live, opened it for editing and using the Line tool, traced the edges of the notch on the end of the component. Then Push/Pull to get rid of the waste.

In Practice I would actually trace the notch with the Rectangle tool instead of the Line tool but in the GIF it doesn’t really look like anything is happening so I used the Line tool.

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That works. I thought this was a case for intersecting faces. Just me looking for a complicated way to do a simple thing.

Thanks again.

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I’m all for over-engineering a solution but sometimes I forget to do it. :crazy_face:

You could do it with Intersect Faces but I think you’d find it would create a mess of excess geometry and wouldn’t create some you need.