How to intersect 2 components?

I have studs that are going up to trusses, and every time I add in a new stud, I have to manually cut it down with lines. I think the intersect tool will do this but I’m not sure how to do it when both objects are components. I just need to be able to place the studs down then cut them with the truss.

First of all, to be cut at different lengths, each of the studs will need to be a unique component. You can scale instances of a component individually, but in this situation that will alter the angle of the bevel because the two sides will scale proportionally rather than by the same amount.

Once they are unique, open an instance for edit select all, and right-click->Intersect faces with model. that will create edges each place the selected faces meet another face from the sloping truss. Then you can delete the extra stuff beyond the intersection edges and maybe close a face if one fails to form.

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If I was doing this I would cut the miter on the first stud before copying it, Then I would copy it the requisite number of times, make each one unique and then open each one to edit it. I would select the angled end and use Move to bring it to the right height. Presumably you’ll have a matching wall at the other end of the room so keeping the studs as components is a good idea.

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@DaveR’s method is a bit faster than what I suggested.

I forgot you can move a face with the move tool. I’ve always used push/pull like an idiot.
That method is sooo much faster. Should make my work flow much faster.

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If you go the other way it’s the proverbial board stretcher. :wink:

I think i’m doing it like you said? I make the component unique, select all, then intersect with model. When I do it cuts the sides, but not the front.

That’s not what I said to do. Probably the easiest thing is forget the Intersect operation. Open the stud component for editing, draw a line across at the bottom edge of the top plate and then use Push/Pull to get rid of the waste.

Another option using two extensions. Zoro and Fixit 101.
Zoro adds an option to the section plane context menu, slice model at section. When used within a group it only cuts within the group.
Fixit 101 is a very handy little extension that will fix and clean up various things.
So here you can see I group the components, then slice them within the group (you can’t see me choose Slice Model at section because it is off screen at the time).
Then I come out of the group and use Fixit 101 on the group (again offscreen, sorry) that puts the faces back on the sliced ends.
Then explode the group and you have a set of solid components ready to copy to elsewhere.
Zoro 101

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Oh sorry my bad. That looks pretty fast also :grinning: