Intersecting Models


Sketchup Community : I was experimenting with intersecting an object with a model. If I’m wrong, one thing I noticed is…that…when I intersect a component with a "non-component object it works well. But…if I try to intersect a component with another component, disaster ! It doesn’t work.

The doorway on the right is a component. So is the window. P.S.----Yeah, this IS a crude model, but for the “experiment” I guess it’ll work. Of course, later on, I can make the entire “thing” a component. Gary Stanullwich


Intersect-with puts new edges into the currently active editing context (model, group, or component). Often that will not put them into the context where you wanted to cut faces, which can be confusing.

In general to get intersections between things that are in two different contexts, you need to copy them into the same context. This is most easily done by:

  • open one context for edit
  • select the desired entities in that context.
  • create a clipboard copy using Edit->copy or your OS’s copy key-command (ctrl-C or command-C)
  • close that context and open the other one
  • invoke Edit->paste in place to put a copy of the first entities into this second context
  • select everything you want to intersect
  • right-click and invoke Intersect Faces with…selection
  • clean up the excess geometry.

With a minimal amount of practice, all of those steps except the cleanup take less time than it took you to read this!