Intersect with Model, the lines showing the intersection are separate from the object

Im trying to use the Intersect with model tool. However when Sketchup creates the new lines, showing the intersection, they are separate from the objects I am intersecting, normally appearing on Layer0. This means that I can then not use them to remove parts of the objects.

I have watched many videos on intersecting, and it would seem that they do appear as part of the object for other people. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or that I have changed a preference by accident. Please help. Im using Sketchup Pro 2016 on an iMac with OS X ElCapitan.

there are 3 flavours of intersect with, you need to use the correct one for the geometries context…


Im not given all three flavour each time, sometimes it only allows ‘with model’

Lines of intersection form within the current modeling context.
Thus, you must be within the editing context of the geometry you wish intersect.

The concept is explained in this video tutorial beginning at 00:02:00

SketchUp will offer only the variations that are possible in the current situation. If there is no selection, “With Selection” won’t appear. If you don’t have a Group or Component open for edit, “With Context” won’t appear. And, as Geo has correctly pointed out, the results of intersect with always go into the edit context (model, group, or component) that is open at the time of the operation.

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Brillant, thank you all for your help! got it sorted!